Sports Activity Camp

Our new sports activity camp is like no other, with our main base camp located in North London (Northumberland Park) with the vision of new camp sites to follow in the future.

As we strive on being unique from the rest, our sports activity camp is no different. On top of the usual sports provided by other companies such as Football, Rugby and Multi-sports. We provide a variety of sports like Archery, Dance, Gymnastics, Volleyball and Golf to name a few. Our games and activities are inclusive for all and some of the benefits include-

  • building confidence,  
  • working on teamwork,
  • hand-eye coordination, 
  • balancing,
  • speed and agility,
  • and much more to help use key skills on a daily basis.

As much as we are driven by sports and activities, our Arts & Crafts are always a big hit. Allowing each individual to express themselves through their creativity, this also gives them a chance to recharge themselves. We also implement healthy eating facts and benefits of good nutritional diet. During our camp refreshments and fruits are provided throughout the day.

Presentation awards are held at the end of each week, to acknowledge their achievements which parents are able to watch. We provide a newsletter at the end of each camp with reports and gossip on what we have been up to.

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